Workplace Savings Schemes

The implementation of Corporate Gratuity Schemes, enables employees access to a workplace savings scheme. When correctly set up and managed, these schemes can be extremely beneficial for both employees and employers. Using a professional firm to assist with the initial set up and ongoing management can ensure: (1) better utilisation of the scheme, helping employees meet their financial goals more quickly;  (2) increased awareness and education on both the scheme and financial literacy and; (3) support on leaving employment to help employees make the right decision on what to do with the benefits they have built up.


Gratuity Management

It is important that firms budget and save for their ongoing gratuity liabilities, but more often than not this is left underfunded or just held in cash on a companies balance sheet being underutilised.

Our team can help with projections of how much needs to be saved towards your liabilities and set up a tailored investment strategy to manage your funds effectively.




Financial Workshops

Finsbury Wealth offers complimentary Financial Wellbeing Workshops on a variety of topics for businesses wanting to help empower their employees and contribute to an employees overall health and wellbeing, making for happier, more educated employees.

Workshops are 60 minutes and can be conducted in person or online. Click below to find out more.