What we offer families

Generational planning is a complex undertaking and Finsbury Wealth provide an experienced long term committed partner to help protect your families wealth for generations to come.

Whether you are looking to set up a new structure or take advice on an existing one we are here to help. Finsbury Wealth offer the flexibility needed in a global and dynamically changing world with an established network of professional partners – including accountancy, tax, legal, security, and consultancy service. We understand the unique challenges in managing families businesses, investments, and assets through multiple generations, however we are able to provide support and a tailored plan to ensure this goes as smoothly as possible.

Our services include, family structures, asset management, and cross border tax structuring.




By utilising the correct structure a family can avail multiple benefits and protection for their wealth. It’s possible to manage investments, assets, residences, and businesses through a centralised structure. This can allow families to administer their investments and business affairs, managing the entire family’s wealth, protecting it now and for future generations.

When setting up a family structure our experienced team will look at the objectives, scope, and role of different members in the family – taking into account how future decisions will be made.



Asset Management

As part of our holistic approach, Finsbury Wealth is able to advise on a whole host of assets and provide access to highly sought-after global investments across public and private markets.

We understand the complexities in dealing with inter generational planning and our team of experienced professional can provide a bespoke service through our centralised management to give a overall view and analysis of assets within the estate, working with your other advisers wherever required. 


Multi-jurisdictional Planning

We understand that assets and investments are typically held in multiple jurisdictions and it therefore important to consider cross border, legal, and tax implications. We work with a team of professional service partners to ensure all areas are planned for – including taxation, legal services, accountancy, and more.



Additional Services

We offer families a comprehensive solution to managing their financial and investment needs, and our range of additional services includes but are not limited to – philanthropy, insurance, property management, taxation, concierge services, and more.