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Finsbury offer complimentary corporate financial workshop both in person and as webinars on a variety of topics, aimed at improving employees financial literacy, empowering them to make well educated decisions. 


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Financial wellbeing and financial education contribute to an employees overall health and wellbeing, making for happier, more educated employees. 

Financial stress and burden can be a huge source of distraction for employees and many companies neglect financial wellbeing training, While financial literacy may vary with education and income levels, research has shown that well educated employees with high incomes can be just as financially unprepared as low income individuals. 

Financial wellbeing workshops

Best suited for: All

A complimentary financial literacy workshop which covers the basics of financial planning including budgeting, saving, credit cards, debt management, inflation, the importance of compound interest and the basics of investment.

Managing your investments

Best suited for: All, (specifically mid – senior professionals)

This workshop covers how to invest, the importance of diversification, different asset classes including alternatives such as crypto and NFT’s, tax structuring, inflation, capacity for risk and loss, the power of compound interest and how to get started.

Property investment as part of a holistic financial portfolio

Best suited for: All, (specifically mid – senior professionals)

This workshop delves into using property as an investment as part of a holistic portfolio, the power of leverage, global property market updates and tax considerations.

Wills & guardianship workshops

Best suited for: All, particularly important for parents

This workshop covers the importance of having the correct wills and guardianship in place to ensure that your family and estate is protected. One of those essential lifemin skills that many people mean to do but may not get around too, this interactive workshop will help explain what you need to know, especially as an expat and provides an easy to follow guide and steps to put a plan in place to ensure your family and estate are protected.

Family safeguarding workshops

Best suited for: All, particularly important for parents

This interactive workshop is essential for any parents with children living within the UAE and covers the importance of family safeguarding including: temporary guardianship, permanent guardianship, wills, the importance of life insurance and critical illness cover to protect your family should something occur.

How to save more for your retirement

Best suited for: All

With people living longer and the cost of living steadily increasing, it’s important to start saving for your retirement early. This workshop includes topics such as learning to budget, cash flow modelling, how to calculate what you need to retire, the basics of investing, the power of compound interest, pension options and lifestyle / location options

Repatriation workshops

Best suited for: Expats

This workshop covers what you need to know before repatriation, things to consider before moving, timelines, visa cancellations, tax implications, moving money on and offshore, currency transfers, managing debt, gratuity, moving possessions and things to consider once you have settled.

UK Tax workshops

Best suited for: UK Expats

Aimed at UK expatriates, this workshop talks through the issues of domicile & inheritance tax, repatriating to the UK, UK property & taxation, tax and your investments and pensions. The workshop discusses the different issues to consider and what strategies and options are available to mitigate your tax liabilities both now as an expat and when you repatriate.

Transitioning from career to retirement

Best suited for: Mid-Senior Level Professionals

This workshop offers a more in depth look at retirement and the things to consider, whilst also highlighting the importance of starting to plan early. Considerations include your goals and lifestyle, financial situation, tax considerations, pensions, budgeting and retirement.

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